Who is NFA

At NFA, our goal is to deliver creative strategies that require independent and complex thinking. Because of our team's expertise in complex insurance cases, protection strategies and preservation solutions, we are able to produce innovate outcomes not every firm can deliver.

We have a fundamental understanding of insurance, but more importantly, we know how to utilize insurance related solutions with out clients when appropriate. To maximize the benefits of our innovative and unique financial solutions, we often leverage the complex benefits of insurance to facilitate estate planning, create tax free income and design a beneficial succession plan for business owners.

Robert (Bob) Wagner

Joel Swinehart

Mission, Vision, and Values
Our Mission:

We are driven to help each client work toward their unique definition of financial success.

Our Vision:

We strive to establish our firm as the new standard in the financial services industry.

Our Values:

Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, and Fun. This has always been the foundation of our firm.

Five F's
Faith - While religious Faith is a personal choice, you must have Faith that we will support you

Family - We believe your Family must come first

Finance - We believe your Finances have to be in order, therefore we operate from financial strength vs. financial weakness

Fitness - Fitness is both physical and mental, and we believe you must be Fit to be engaged in our business

Fun - You must also have Fun. If you are not having Fun, then why do it? Here at National Financial Alliance, we believe you must make life enjoyable

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