Rebecca Foster, AIF®

Rebecca Foster, AIF®

Insurance Agent

The vision of our business is serving others by helping clients reach their individual financial and business goals. With a strong focus on education, we help people make sense of their complex financial lives. Integrated financial planning and strategic consulting are at the core of applying a fiduciary
standard of care with each of our clients.

Using a consultative approach, we become the fiduciary strategic advisor who bridges the gaps in an individual and business owner’s plan by uniting the different silos in our lives such as our CPA, attorney, banker, insurance and investment professionals, TPAs, record keepers, and benefit brokers. Unfortunately, we do not learn in school or even through life how to manage our financial lives or businesses. We are just expected to know how it all works. Well we need help. We become a collaborative quarterback advisor for you who oversees your entire financial life (investments, insurance, debt, goals, dreams, etc.) Helping you achieve your purpose and vision in life is important to us.

We bring to the business community investment consulting practices for your retirement plans, striving to bring a higher level of service for comprehensive retirement outcomes for participants, Department of Labor compliance education as well as key executive benefit packages. We also assist with transitioning the business, business valuations, managing your income and hard earned retirement dollars and leaving a legacy to those who are most important to you.

Rebecca was raised in Oklahoma, has 3 children and many wonderful
grandchildren. She is active in her local church as well as many local and national professional organizations. She loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling and sports. Her true passion is connecting and serving others to help bring them more joy in their lives.

I am looking forward to meeting you and I pray that God blesses your day and life!

Licensed in the following states: Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota