Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith

NFA Risk Management - Administrative Assistant

Nicola Smith is a professional with a robust background in insurance, risk consulting, healthcare administration, and legal support. She currently serves as the office manager at NFA Insurance Agency in Florida, bringing approximately 14 years of expertise in the insurance and risk consulting industry to her role.

Before joining NFA Insurance Agency, Nicola held multiple positions at Premier Family Health, including serving as the Executive Assistant to the President, Tony Nelson. Her responsibilities at Premier Family Health spanned a range of administrative and executive functions, highlighting her versatility and dedication.

Nicola's career also includes valuable experience in the legal field, where she worked for the law office of Donna Wolfe. Here, she honed her skills in legal support and administration, contributing to the firm's operations.

Additionally, Nicola has a background in medical scheduling. She worked as a scheduling coordinator for the SOAR Institute, an orthopedic organization, she was responsible for managing schedules for orthopedic surgeons. This role showcased her organizational skills and her ability to manage complex scheduling needs effectively.

Nicola Smith's diverse professional experiences and her commitment to excellence make her a vital asset to NFA Insurance Agency and a respected figure in her field.